Scope of Work

Fiber Optic Termination Boxes (ZOK)

The Fiber Optic Termination box provides optical cable splicing and termination in telecommunication nodes with low fiber concentration. It is used in telecommunication networks, predominantly in remote units of a switching system, in HFC cable systems and LANs.

TELEFONKABL’s Fiber Optic Termination boxes are manufactured in three standard sizes in accordance with requested capacity:

  • ZOK-6 with capacity for 6 connectors enables one cable induction and 6 fibers splicing/termination
  • ZOK-6 with capacity for 12 connectors enables two cable induction and 12 fibers splicing/termination
  • ZOK-6 with capacity for 24 connectors enables four cable induction and 24 fibers splicing/termination


  • Wall-mount
  • Capacity: 6, 12, and 24 optical fibers
  • Possibility of 1, 2, and 4 optical cables induction
  • Suitable for all connector types (FC, SC and ST).