TELEFONKABL was founded in Belgrade on 20th of February 1954 by General Directorate for Post, Telegraph and Telephone Traffic (PTT) of former Yugoslavia under the name “The Enterprise for Installation, Commissioning, Redesign and Maintenance of Telegraph and Telephone Facilities”.

During its long period of existence, TELEFONKABL has proved itself as the company capable of performing huge number of strategic projects in Serbia and former Yugoslavia.
Over the years of its presence, TELEFONKABL became one of the strategic partners of the main public and joint stock enterprises in Serbia such as Public Enterprise of PTT Traffic “Serbia”, Telecom Serbia, Serbian Railways as well as of governmental and state institutions such as Ministry of Interior and Serbian Army.

TELEFONKABL has become a brand in the field of planning, building up and maintenance of telecommunication and public infrastructures.

TELEFONKABL’s reputation and credibility that have been built up for over a half of century, obligates TELEFONKABL to remain carrier of progress and to provide continuous improvement and increase of variety of its services.