Scope of Work

Optical distribution frame for FTTH

Purpose, functionality, construction:

- for mounting splitters and also for termination and splicing optical cables in FTTH networks
- for indoor use, for example in basements or ground floors of buildings, although there is an option for outdoor installation
- wall or floor mounting
- closing with lock
- made of high strength materials, all metal parts of the construction are corrosion resistant
- for up to 384 optical fibres
- manufactured in two options of different size, smaller for up to 192, and bigger for up to 384 optical fibres
- space for passive optical splitters, splice cassettes for splicing fibres on a splitter, and for termination/splicing of user lines
- feasibility of fusion and mechanical splices
- separate area for storing cable reserves


- flexible and modular design
- simple insertion and fixing of optical cable ends, conduction of fibres over strictly defined paths, housing for joints and spare length of optical fibre
- safe bending of the optical fibre cable while conducting in the rack
- easy access, convenient operation, simple installation and removal